New Alternatives for Children 08/12/20

Mad Libs Story Time! 08/12/20

"Mad Libs"Story Collabs! 08/12/20

We had a blast making up stories and characters with the creative kids of New Alternatives for Children! The kids used the art kits we sent them to draw out their plots like: Batman frozen in a castle but saved by love melting his shackles; Rapunzel hunting lobster for a giant feast; and butterflies fluttering over to help someone with a broken down car.

Lisa LaBracio of TED- Animation fame taught how to build story progression with a main character, conflict, and resolution and Dennis Calero of Marvel, DC, X-Men comics and more showed how to create scale and character flair with just a few lines. Thank you to everyone who participated and we’ll see you again in a couple weeks!

New Alternatives for Children serves children with disabilities and chronic illness with a focus on foster and adoptive families.