Homemade Holiday Gifts for the Children of Bellevue Hospital 12/08/20

Homemade Holiday Gifts for the Children of Bellevue Hospital 12/08/20

The children of Bellevue Hospital are being treated for severe psychiatric issues and so often must remain in the hospital, away from home for extended periods of time, even over the holidays. To make sure they know how much we’re thinking of them now and always, we’re sending each child a design-your-own holiday stocking, filled with art supplies, including fabric markers they can use to decorate their stockings. We also called upon all our incredible artist volunteers to make special hand-made cards for each child, filled with messages of love and support. Special thanks to Maria Scrivan for donating a box of her “Forget Me Nat” and “Nat Enough” book series and to Victoria Kann who also donated from her “Pinkalicious” series to give to the kids as stocking stuffers. And to our art supply sponsors Blick Arts for these fabulous design-your-own stockings and fabric markers!

Ink Wellers who hand made cards for the kids:
Matthew Bennett, Howard Beckerman, Dennis Calero, Tom Cardone, Joan Chiverton, Pedro Delgado, Bil Donovan, Micheline Hess, Victoria Kann, Lisa LaBracio, Marty Macaluso, Abby Merril, Oded Naaman, Tim Savage, Maria Scrivan, Elizabeth Winter