Childhelp 02/2021: Valentine’s Day Cards!

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards with the kids at Childhelp! 2/13/21

Childhelp Valentine's Day Cards 02/2021

Love and gratitude beamed from the Childhelp kids’ homemade Valentine’s Day cards! The kids created the most ingenious characters and messages like a hotdog who said, “I relish our time together,” a lollipop who said, “I think you’re sweet,” and they helped us come up with our own scenes like an octopus who was “stuck” on a pufferfish, a ladybug who didn’t want to “bug” anyone but asked if you’d be their Valentine, and on and on.

The kids showed encouragement for one another as we all learned new skills together. We’re proud of them and hope they feel pride in their beautiful work. Every day is a chance to grow and heal together as a community and we thank the Childhelp staff for helping us put this special night together, and our volunteers for sharing their animation, character design, and multimedia techniques! Ink Well volunteers: Jenny Fine, Tim Savage, Peter de Séve, and Elizabeth Winter.