GC 4/21/21 Cartoon Flowers

Gilda’s Club, Cartoon Flowers, 4/21/21

Cartoon characters bloomed as we celebrated Earth Day and the arrival of spring with the Gilda’s Club kids! We anthropomorphised sunflowers, roses, and dahlias then composited them into a final scene. The kids helped us come up with a story about how all the flowers were chit chatting as a gardener walked quietly up in amazement. She never knew her garden had so much personality!

Thanks to our volunteers, Elana Amity, Dennis Calero, Pedro Delgado, and Elizabeth Winter and to the Gilda’s Club staff for helping to organize such a bountiful fun time. And a huge bow to the fantastic imaginations and great energy brought by all the kids!

Gilda’s Club is open to children who have been diagnosed with cancer, have a parent or loved one who is living with cancer, or are grieving the death of a loved one to cancer.