New Alternatives Mentoring Part II, 4/23/21

New Alternatives Mentoring Part II, 4/23/21

Luther is taking his logo to the next level, filling his Basquiat-style crowns with symbolism and very clever designs like forming letters out of clusters of numbers and making faces appear in the negative space between initials. Our featured Ink Well artist, Joan Chiverton, helped him pull elements of his own signature style into his work, like his green glasses and mustache. And another Ink Weller, Elizabeth Winter, helped him explore the Art Deco influence she recognized in his decisive lines and strong, radial rays.

Thank you very much to Linda Peck for hosting again. This is a fascinating creative journey and we’re honored to be a part of it!

New Alternatives for Children: a center for children with disabilities and chronic illness with a focus on foster and adoptive families.