New Alternatives Mentoring Part III, 5/07/21

New Alternatives Mentoring Part III, 5/07/21

Luther Burgess of New Alternatives for Children finished up his original brand design with Ink Well volunteer and Broadway show poster master, Stefano Imbert.

We’ve been working with Luther for a month to create a unique brand all his own, incorporating imagery like his signature mustache and glasses, and symbols that speak to him like a crown, NYC skyline, playing cards and an all-around art deco style.Luther says he wants everyone to “Show Your Colors” with the world, sharing how important it is to express yourself as you are, to love and be proud of everything that makes you YOU.

We’re grateful to Luther for letting us be a part of this creative journey and for being such a supportive voice for others striving to express themselves.Thanks to Ink Well Event Director, Lisa LaBracio, and NAC’s Linda Peck who organized these opportunities to work together. And also huge thanks to our other volunteer artists in the earlier mentor sessions, Joan Chiverton, Matthew Bennett, and Elizabeth Winter.

New Alternatives for Children is a center for children with disabilities and chronic illness with a focus on foster and adoptive families.