“How to Draw Emotions” activity with the Red Door Community Kids! 8/26/2021

“How to Draw Emotions” activity with the Red Door Community Kids! 8/26/2021

This week we brought animators and comic book illustrators to show the Red Door Community kids how to draw any emotion in just a few lines!

We kicked it off with a challenge from the kids: “show happy in seven lines or less!” Zane Yarbrough took to his sketch pad and showed arcs under the eyes, naturally content eyebrows, a great big smile, and with the sixth and seventh stroke, some darling dimples. Some siblings took it to the next level by drawing curious aliens vying with goofy ghost busters while hungry tigers hunted in the bushes below! Oded Naaman showed how when tigers are hungry, they get furrowed brows and Jenny Fine showed that when girls get sleepy after so much running around, both eyelids can close with drowsiness. Elizabeth Winter wanted to see what flowers look like when they’re worried so all the kids had a go at drawing dizzy daisies, riveted roses, and trembling tulips. We got one last big challenge from a boy who said, “so how would you make a robot look happy?!” and Joseph Scott, with his background on Futurama, brought out an old metal friend who loves to joke around!

Thanks so much to the Red Door Community for having us by. The Red Door Community is open to children who have been diagnosed with cancer, have a parent or loved one who is living with cancer, or are grieving the death of a loved one to cancer.

Handmade Coloring Books by Peter & Fia de Séve for Children at Bellevue Hospital

Handmade Coloring Books by Peter & Fia de Séve for Children at Bellevue Hospital 7/25/2021

So touched by these photos, sent to us by Bellevue Hospital. These children are receiving in-patient care for psychiatric challenges and are often isolated from family and friends for long periods of time. While we await pandemic restrictions to lift and our in-person events to resume, we’ve been sending the kids creative projects through the mail.

Here they are filling handmade coloring books that world-renowned character designer and illustrator, Peter de Séve, and his daughter, Fia, made especially for them. The characters and scenes depict courage, strength, and friendship and were sent with a personalized letter, letting the kids know they are in our thoughts every day and we can’t wait to see them again!

Thank you, Peter and Fia, for this very special gift and to Tifara and Laurina at Children of Bellevue support staff. We 💛 you guys!#childpsychology#fostercare#PeterdeSeve#pediatrics

Art Supplies for St. Mary’s Kids 7/16/2021

Art Supplies for St. Mary’s Kids 7/16/2021

A big part of what the Ink Well does is make sure the kids we work with at hospitals and foster care centers each have their own art kits so they can keep creating on their own after our events. Here’s our trusty Event Director, Timothy Savage, handing off the latest goods to St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children today!

An enormous thanks to Blick Art Materials who make this kind of support possible. #community#nonprofit#fostercareadoption