Red Door Community: holiday cards 12/15/21

Handmade Cards with the Red Door Community 12/15/21

We are honored to participate in Red Door Community programming to support children facing a parent’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, or loss. At this event we were heartened by how much the kids helped one another learn to draw holiday characters like reindeer, Santa, menorahs, and more. It’s these “found families” that can truly carry us through anything.

Thanks to our volunteer artists Elana Amity, Tim Savage, and Elizabeth Winter for leading the night’s activities!

A Card for Every Kid Campaign

A Card for Every Kid Campaign December, 2021

Being stuck in the hospital over the holidays can feel extra isolating. So every year our artists create handmade, original cards and send them to the children being treated at Bellevue Hospital.

We coordinate with the hospital staff to pair each card with a special art supply gift, ensuring that each child receives something created for them, and something they can use to create for others.

New Alternatives for Children: Homemade cards & gifts

New Alternatives for Children: Homemade cards & gifts 12/01/2021

Give the NAC kids some paper, markers, and tape and you will get boundless wonderful creations back! At this event we created holiday cards and decorations that the kids could give as gifts to their loved ones like: stand-up elfs, a “wolf-mer-croc,” talking presents, big-eyed trees, Sonic Santas, and much more!

Thanks to Lisa LaBracio, who is the Ink Well’s Event Director for all activities at New Alternatives, for guiding this lovely night. And to Matthew Bennett, Tim Savage and Elizabeth Winter for volunteering!