Funky Birds at Bellevue Hospital 4/1/22

Funky Birds at Bellevue Hospital 4/1/22

We came up with an activity idea that’s downright FLAPALICIOUS! Funky Birds was a drawing activity designed by our new Event Director, Micheline Hess, that’s perfect for this time of year. It encouraged the imaginations of the kids at Bellevue Hospital, to take flight as they drew and accessorized their pick of the many birds that live in NYC and return each Spring. 

Bluejays got boots, Robbins got ready, and Pigeons got primped on rich black paper books we sent along with oil pastel crayons that can double as paint. The kids really made these vibrant colors, pop!

Enormous gratitude to Tifara León, who coordinated this event with us and guided the kids along at Bellevue!