T-Shirt Stenciling at Bellevue Hospital 7/12/22

T-Shirt Stenciling at Bellevue Hospital 7/12/22

The kids at Bellevue Hospital took our tees, fabric markers, and stencils and went to town on designing their own custom looks!

With the help of our Event Director, Micheline Hess, and her step-by-step guide, the kids came up with all sorts of beautiful creations. We were also able to provide a personal sketch book to each child so they can continue journaling their ideas for projects to come.

We are grateful to Blick Arts, who provided many of the materials used for this event! And to Tifara Leon, Belleveue Hospital Children’s Psychology Ward Coordinator for working together with us for over 17 years to provide stimulating, encouraging activities for the hospital’s in-patient population.