New York Methodist Hospital, 08/09/10

Thank you Rami Efal, Henry Hilaire, Franz Palomares and Erin Shigaki (first timer!) for joining the kids at New York Methodist today!  Everyone drew the kids’ favorite characters playing sports and being sporty in general.  Rami and Erin drew bedside with two little guys, one of whom was especially glad to receive his creative gifts as it was his birthday.  Happy birthday, Christian!

Bellevue Hospital, 06/29/10

It couldn’t have been a finer night with the wonderful kids of Bellevue and the Ink Well gang.  We got our 4th of July game on, drawing Abraham Lincoln hanging out with Obama, the Statue of Liberty showered in fireworks, and of course many many superheroes.  An enormous thanks to Ray Alma, Jeremy Arambulo, Jane Archer, Howard Beckerman, Bil Donovan, Franz Palomares, Jason Patterson (first timer!), Nathan Schreiber, Ed Steckley, and Elizabeth Winter who all joined the fun and kept it going at Totonno’s Pizza later that night.

New York Methodist Hospital, March 19, 2010

Sergey Aniskov was treated to an adventure tale that young Skyler made up all by herself and together they made this beautiful book, “How the Dog Meet the Cow.” Meanwhile, Rami Efal drew “Spring beach day on the moon” with Nicolas: space flowers and a rocketship shuttle back and forth between Earth, the moon and the sun.  What fun!

St. Mary’s Hospital, 02/27/10

The snow couldn’t keep us away from the great kids of St. Mary’s! Left to right: Sergey Aniskov (first timer!), Adrian Sinnot, Elizabeth Winter, Joe Vissichelli, Tim SavageRay Alma, Ed Steckley (first timer!) and Howard Beckerman all had a a ball, creating scenes with character models from our artists’ work.  Batman flew with butterflies, Spike from The Rugrats chased a birdy, and all the kids’ caricatures laughed along.  Thank you so much to our volunteers and to the wonderful kids and staff at St. Mary’s.

New York Methodist Hospital, January 29, 2010

Welcome to Franz Palomares who came to his first Ink Well today!  He and IWF Director, Rami Efal, spent a wonderful afternoon drawing with Denzel, who wanted to make a Valentine’s Day card for his mom.  Denzel has been hospitalized for two weeks and was happy to have a fun way to shake up his day.  Thank you, Franz and Rami, and thank you, Denzel, for sharing your day with us!

Gilda’s Club, SoHo January 26, 2010

Thank you to Jane Archer, Jeanine Henderson, and Karrie Witkin who all celebrated Australia Day with mixed up, upside down, folded drawings in honor of the Land Down Under.  They folded pieces of paper and took turns with the kids, drawing characters bit by bit, revealing fantastic collaborations in the end!

New York Methodist Hospital 12/15/09

Thank you Tricia Kleinot and Rami Efal for creating holiday drawings with two wonderful kids today!  Rami drew bedside with a 7-year old boy who wanted to make a special picture for his 4-year old brother and Tricia got to create fun Christmas cards with a 10-year old girl, her mom, and her grandparents!  Thank you everyone for a festive end to a great year.

NY Methodist Hospital, 10/23/09


Rami Efal and Nathan Schreiber teamed up again to create frightfully fantastic Halloween pictures with little Romeo.  Thank you, Sparks of Life kids, for inviting The Ink Well back every month for this great midday event!

Bellevue Hospital, May 6, 2009


The kids of Bellevue are now the proud owners of tailor-made name plaques for their doors! Thank you to IWF’s Bellevue Director, Jane Archer, for crafting cool signs, including one for a boy who at first insisted his plaque say “only boys allowed” but then changed his mind to “only girls allowed,” so he wound up with “only boys and girls allowed.”

Pedro Delgado spun his famous, masterful web of superheroes and Nola Denett outdid herself again by making custom-fit, capes, headbands and hats for the kids on the spot.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and to the courageous kids of Bellevue!

Gilda’s Club-SoHo, April 14, 2009


We had a fabulous night of fashionable puppet making tonight! Actress in the making, Quenell, got her very own catwalk of puppets, modeling her future Oscar gown. When asked which dress she liked the best, Quenell said, “I’ll take them all!” Thank you to Amber Alvarez, Jane Archer, Nola Denett, Elizabeth Winter and Karrie Witkin who created sparkly, taffeta lined dresses and purse puppies who carried their own purse puppies.

Bellevue Hospital, March 11, 2009

Thank you so much to Jane Archer, Justin Bilicki, Nola Denett and Karrie Witkin who all made this amazing, energy-filled night possible.  Jane describes it best: “We drew everything from Hannah Montana to Obama to Spiderman and other fun characters. Nola created a 3D mystical fairy tale backdrop mounted on foamcore with glittered walkways, a plush rainbow-colored house, stuffed clouds and custom creatures the children could attach and reattach using velcro. Everyone had a great time!”
Thank you, fine volunteers, and thank you to the great kids of Bellevue!