St. Mary’s Hospital 11/10/19

St. Mary’s Hospital 11/10/19


We’ve been drawing with the children at St. Mary’s Hospital for years and yet are surprised every time by their rapid-fire fantastic ideas and indomitable sense of humor. We are so grateful to share this special creative time with them, talking about their favorite characters and imagining scenes then drawing it all out together on paper.

It’s our volunteers that make these beautiful moments possible. Thank you, Ray Alma, Adrian Sinnott, and Tim Savage so much for bringing your DC Comics, Mad Magazine, animation, and book illustration skills and life-long awesomeness to these wonderful kids.

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is a non-profit healthcare center for children with special needs and life-limiting conditions.

Gilda’s Club Halloween Party 10/18/19

Gilda’s Club Halloween Party 10/18/19

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 11.41.39 AM.png

The Gilda’s Club kids and families let us draw them as goofy characters, put whacky puppets on their fingers, and paint all over their faces last night! Every year it is our happiest halloween thrill to volunteer at Noogiefest. This year one boy, dressed as ketchup bottle, helped us make more condiments for his costume while polling everyone on whether ketchup or mustard were the best (ketchup won!) A budding young artist helped us design active finger puppets like swirling ghosts and flapping bats. And many kids wanted their faces painted as clowns, spiders, and dinosaurs! Thank you to our Event Director, Franz Palomares, and our volunteers, Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Sergei Aniskov, Dayna Gonzalez, and Elizabeth Winter. And many thanks to the wonderful staff of this welcoming center for all those dealing with cancer.

10/16/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

10/16/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

Thanks to all the kids who tuned into our drawing show at Mount Sinai Hospital! Amos the therapy dog was our guest star model and the kids asked us to draw him in superhero costumes like Bat Man and Super Man. Then we got more requests for drawings of Ariel and Aurora, which we gave out along with other halloweeny sketches of pumpkins, witches, and black kitty cats! Paws in the air to our awesome hosts, Elana Amity and Pedro Delgado!

10/1/19 New Alternatives for Children Halloween Mask Making Party!

10/1/19 New Alternatives for Children Halloween Mask Making Party!
Photo Oct 01, 6 32 18 PM.jpg

We kicked off Halloween month right by making masquerade masks with the awesome New Alternatives kids! As always, they came up with totally innovative ideas for their projects, making masks that looked like a garden with butterflies and bees, a dancing bear, a Frankenstein mummy, a Transformer, and even one that was just nothing but googley eyes!
Thank you to our volunteers: Elana Amity, Joan Chiverton, Barbara Garrison, Willy Hartland, Stefano Imbert, Abby Merrill and Ellie Rahim and to our Event Director, Lisa LaBracio.

New Alternatives for Children provides health and social services to children with disabilities and chronic illnesses with a focus on foster care and adoptive homes.

09/18/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

09/18/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital 09/18/19

We’re all puffed up about protecting the ocean for generations to come. So tonight we drew some of the many wonderful creatures who live there with the kids at Mount Sinai Hospital on our live drawing show! Our KidZone TV show is recorded in Mount Sinai’s own production studio and is beamed into all the kids’ rooms at once. The kids each have their own drawing kit and they call in or text their questions and comments to us and sometimes even join us in the studio!

Monster Magnets at the Society of Illustrators! 08/10/19

Monster Magnets at the Society of Illustrators! 08/10/19


What a magnetic day! The legendary Society of Illustrators hosted our crafts party today with children from all over our foster, vulnerable, and adoptive care community. It was so good to come together to share imagination and laughs. These incredibly creative kids made up their own monster magnet characters, using “fabric paper” that they cut into many shapes and then decorated with markers, pipe cleaners, faux hair, and googley eyes. We made everything from lurking crocodiles to halloween creatures to robot aliens from outer space!

Thank you to New Alternatives for Children and NY Foundling for coordinating with the many beautiful families you serve. We are forever grateful to the Society of Illustrators for opening their space to us and for providing food and gifts for all the children. And we are thankful as always for our Ink Well volunteers who bring their rare skills and abundant kindness with them to each and every event: Elana Amity, Bil Donovan, Stefano Imbert, Lisa LaBracio, Ellie Rahim, Tim Savage, Adrian Sinnott, and Elizabeth Winter.

Star Wars Night with the Camp TLC Kids 08/09/19

Star Wars Night with the Camp TLC Kids! 08/09/19


We had an out of this world time with the many many kids who came out for Camp TLC at the East L.A. Boys and girls club! These young Jedi masters helped us draw all the Star Wars characters and then invented their own original space-themed characters. We were in the perfect inspirational setting with lots of Star Wars cos-players roaming around, having light saber battles, and playing soccer with kids. A stellar time was had by all.

We were also very happy to share the 45 gift bags we packed, complete with sketch pad, pencils, and erasers so that the kids can keep on creating on their own. Thank you, Blick Arts, for making this possible! And a huge thank you to Caroline Baumis and Joseph Scott for organizing this special evening, and to our beloved volunteers: Jeremy Arambulo, Matthew Bennett, Valerie Hildreth, Nora Meek, and Michael Daedalus Kenny.

St. Mary’s Hospital 07/28/19

St. Mary’s Hospital 07/28/19


We were over the moon to be back drawing with our dear friends at St. Mary’s Hospital this weekend! Our pro volunteers Scott Brundage, Dennis Calero, Tim Savage (Event Director) and Joe Vissichelli all took the time to dream up original scenes with each child. The kids helped us design the characters, backgrounds, and to choose each and every color that filled it all in. Many lucky kids got their very own caricatures done too. 💛💛💛

Mount Sinai Hospital 06/19/19

Mount Sinai Hospital 06/19/19

On the latest edition of our fabulous drawing show, our host, Elana Amity, told the kids about the great Broadway tune, “June is Bustin Out all Over.” She demonstrated how to sketch the song’s lyrical scenes on paper, creating a large landscape of meadows and hills, then the kids helped her add funny characters, all celebrating the month of June!
Some kids also called in to request lessons on how to draw Amos the hospital therapy dog, Elmo wearing headphones, and one of the Mario Brothers and we happily obliged.
Wishing everyone a great start to your summer season! And thank you to the staff of Mount Sinai for having us.

St. Mary’s Hospital 06/02/19

St. Mary’s Hospital 06/02/19

At all our events, we collaborate with the kids, asking them to help us design characters and color them in then they keep everything we make together. Here our Ink Well gents are smiling big after a wonderful day, drawing with the children at St. Mary’s Hospital, where we drew bat and spider men, Toms & Jerrys, and lots of caricatures!

These children are dealing with serious life-limiting issues like Down syndrome, severe burns, and other difficulties but they never fail to bring joyous hearts and tireless creativity to every one of our events. We are grateful to share this special time.

Thanks to our new Event Director, Tim Savage, for taking charge and thanks to our stalwart volunteers, Stefano Imbert, Ray Alma and Dennis Calero.

Covenant House of California 05/25/19

Covenant House of California 05/25/19

We can accomplish amazing things if we work together and put our whole energy and heart into it! In under just 1.5 hours, the fantastic young adults at Covenant House California  designed original characters, developed a storyline, and recorded their own claymation car race.  

Thank you to the leadership of new Event Director, Michael Daedalus Kenny, and our trusty volunteers, Jeremy Arambulo, Matthew Bennett, and Joseph Scott.


Bellevue Hospital 05/18/19

Bellevue Hospital 05/18/19


At this Bellevue Hospital event, the kids drew images of nurturing and protection. We asked them what they imagined when they thought of those words. Many said mom and dad, but they also said they felt protected by nature: the trees, flowers, and butterflies dancing through life along with them. Their pets, friends, and sports heroes reinforced their strength too. The more we talked of gratitude for these people, animals, and places in our life, the more we realized how much power there is all around us.

Thank you to our Event Director, Jane Archer, and to our dear volunteers: Dayna Gonzalez, Pedro Delgado, Elizabeth Winter, Dennis Calero, and Joyce Pedretti.


05/15/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

05/15/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

Pedro Delgado guest hosted this special edition of our KidZoneTV show, where we showed how to make “tessellations,” or repeating patterns on single sheets of paper. Pedro demonstrated how through a process of cutting and taping repeated designs, you can tile infinitely- especially with the help of a photocopier.

Our KidZone TV show is recorded in the Hospital studio and gets beamed into all the hospital rooms at once via closed-circuit TV.  The kids draw along with us and call or text in to the show, all from the comfort of their beds.


Gilda’s Club 04/04/19


Gilda’s Club 04/04/19


Today we helped the children of Gilda’s Club discover how simple paper can transform into all sorts of amazing things! We folded and glued and snipped and drew until a cool turtle named, Timmy started ambling around. And a jet shot into a sky full of aliens. A couple of owls, eyed, nibbled, and digested some funny food on a string. And then the kids even created intricate games that everyone could play together!

Thanks to our Director of Events, Franz Palomares and volunteer, Elana Amity, for leading such a lovely night. And we are forever grateful for the welcome we receive every time we visit the staff and families of this special support center that provides counseling and care for those dealing with cancer.

3/23/19 New Alternatives for Children

3/23/19 New Alternatives for Children

New Alternatives for Children 02/10/2019

This time at New Alternatives for Children, we made “out of this world” artwork: the kids invented alien seahorses, basketball and soccer ball space people, fire breathing caterpillars, and then they designed their worlds and spaceships. One young artist, who particularly likes working with collage, decided to take his artwork into the thiiiiirrrrrd dimension and made a 3D diorama. Another kid asked us the very serious question of what would happen if aliens sucked out all of our brains and ate them for their dinner! We discussed the matter thoroughly but decided not to draw that one.

We had so much fun, and everyone agreed we’d like to visit outer space again Thank you to our Event Director, Lisa LaBracio, for leading the night and to our superstar volunteers: Elana Amity, Stefano Imbert, Marty Macaluso, Abby Merrill, and Tim Savage, and most of all to the kids who bring fantastic energy and dedication to all our collaborations. We are grateful for such special moments, especially when they make drawings for us to keep too like the beautiful thank you card you’ll see in our pics!


3/20/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

3/20/19 Mount Sinai Hospital


Happy Spring Equinox! This month I began our live drawing show at Mount Sinai Hospital with an explanation of all the new creatures we see crawling and bouncing and flapping around in spring, like bunnies, nesting birds, and brand new puppies too. Kids texted in with requests, including one to draw bow ties on rabbits and on a goldfish, which I was happy to oblige. 🙂  ~Elana Amity, host of the Ink Well’s “KidZone TV” drawing show


3/13/19 Gilda’s Club

3/13/19 Gilda’s Club


This was a beautiful celebration of the superheroes inside of each and every one of us! The brave kids at Gilda’s Club are dealing with cancer in their lives and so we talked with them about where they draw their power, what makes them feel strong, and how can we turn those traits into all kinds of super characters. The children unleashed their brilliant imaginations on personalities and back stories including Pizza girl who flings hot cheese at her villains, a gorilla astrophysicist who lives on the moon, a Spider Ham sidekick, and the most unsettling, “Eye Finger Switch!” Thanks to our volunteers: Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Scott Brundage, Dennis Calero, Lisa LaBracio, and Elizabeth Winter and to our fearless leader Franz Palomares for leading this super duper night!

Ronald McDonald House 03/12/19

Ronald McDonald House 03/12/19

So much talent in this house! Our Director of Events for the Ronald McDonald House, Jane Archer, taught how to create characters from cancer treatments and medication to help the kids see them in a little more familiar and less intimidating light. The kids picked right up on the theme and designed intricate characters, many with healing powers or traits of strength and bravery.

Afterward we gave each child their own drawing set and a Curious George book to keep. And the kids gave us lots of drawings too, including our own portraits : )
There are some real artists here and we were proud to meet them and their lovely families.

la annual party

Ink Well West Volunteer Appreciation Party! 2/16/19


What a joy to celebrate another wonderful year, providing free arts activities to brave kids! We all got together for a hearty dinner and catch up at the great Tam O’Shanter in Los Feliz. We are so proud to call this incredible crew our family. Thank you for sharing your infinite talent, imagination, heart and soul with the children we serve. 

Covenant House of Los Angeles 2/16/19

Covenant House of Los Angeles 2/16/19


Today we got the chance to teach the art of comic books to the Covenant House California youth! We began by showing how to pencil out your ideas, then craft a storyline, throw it all away and start over again and again until you get that arc, those villains, heroes and vision that you truly want down on your panels. The ideas and characters these talented young people came up with and the energy they brought were humbling. Thank you for letting us share this very special time with you and for always helping us learn as much as we teach. Thank you to our Event Directors, Joseph Scott and Michael Daedalus Kenny, and to our beloved volunteers who hail from #Disney#Nickelodeon#Marvel and much more: Jeremy Arambulo, Chad Frye, Valerie H. Nielsen, Ashley Simpson, Monica Tomova, Elizabeth Winter and Marla Frazee.


Wednesday, February 13th: Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital 2/13/19

This was the loveliest Valentine’s Day in many a day! Our live closed-circuit TV drawing show is beamed into all the Mount Sinai Hospital kids’ rooms at once and the kids all get their own art kits so they can draw along with us. They can call or text us too if they feel like chatting while we draw.

On this special day I showed how to make rabbits, dogs, cats, and lions, all composed of heart shapes. One boy called in with a request for a turtle and a pigeon, another called and said, “draw me a realistic lion!” With his permission I used my cell phone for a reference because I hadn’t drawn a real lion in many a day but thankfully this big cat came out just great. I was thrilled when I got an image texted back of the beautiful lion another child had drawn while listening to and following my lion lesson! 

At the end of the show, some of the kids asked me to meet them in the activities room so I could see their drawings. They were gorgeous and could have filled the most marvelous zoo! One little boy asked if he could have the bunny I had made and so that hopped right over to him. In fact I gave away all the art I made to the kids I met because that’s what we always do at our Ink Well events- we create together and the kids keep all the art.

I loved chatting with these children about all the wonderful traits that animals have- all those teeth and talons and feathers and fur. This was a day full of love and creativity and I am grateful for being a part of it. Thank you, kids, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital! ❤️

~Elana Amity
IWF Event Director, Mount Sinai Hospital


Childhelp Kids at Nickelodeon Studios!

Childhelp Kids at Nickelodeon Studios!


We are deeply grateful to Nickelodeon for welcoming our Ink Well kids once again for a private tour and drawing session with Nickelodeon animators! This time we welcomed the fantastic kids of Childhelp!

We introduced this eager, artistic crew to the many people of all backgrounds that it takes to get a cartoon on-air and showed that art is not only a great tool of self-expression, it’s also a viable career opportunity!

Here are just a few of the amazing opportunities we all got to have together on this very special day: we went into the private booth of Nickelodeon’s Radio Station and got to meet the DJ!  We delved into Nickelodeon’s animation archive, which was filled with rare original artwork from ages of cartoons past. We got to watch a movie in the official Nick personal theatre about everything that’s going on at Nick: future projects, community involvement, and all the current shows. We continued through the studio, meeting artists and execs along the way. Everyone was so gracious and it was so inspiring for the children to get to have all this special one-on-one time.

Nickelodeon itself is a museum and we enjoyed the thousands  of original artworks hanging on all the walls. We ended our tour and adjourned to a big conference room, where animators, Darin McGowan and Miguel Puga, gave an extraordinary presentation on how to storyboard a cartoon and how to draw the characters of The Loudhouse (which is Nick’s #1 rated show!).

We then talked earnestly with the kids about how we all as artists got involved in a career in animation, and how our life-long love for drawing led us there. We also discussed the many non-artist related opportunities at Nickelodeon, trying to emphasize all the opportunities available in the animation world. Finally, we did what we do best and just drew with the kids and showed them how to be creative no matter the medium, and to never be afraid to follow your dreams- whatever they may be!

We would like to specifically acknowledge each member of the Nickelodeon team for all they did to help us with the tour… Carson Smith for being our point man and coordinating this whole day with us. He is maybe the chillest man on the planet. 🙂
His assistant, JuliaGuillen, for supporting so much of this interactive tour and handing out beautiful Nick gift bags to each of the kids afterward.

Eric Brown for  his stellar tour guide skills and gentle, patient, and engaging demeanor he gave to each kid along the tour. He clearly loves his job and we loved having him as our guide!

To our good friends and collegaues, Darin McGowan and Miguel Puga, for donating their time wholly and gladly, sharing so many tips and insider’s insight that will be invaluable to the kids for all time. Your talent and kindness are legendary.

And finally to our fearless West Coast Director, Joseph Scott. You are how we keep doing these meaningful, life-changing events. We owe you everything, you shining sun. ☀️

St. Mary’s Hospital 01/20/19

St. Mary’s Hospital 1/20/19


We had a spectacular day, drawing with the children of St. Mary’s Hospital! We’ve been coming to visit these kids for years and they always fill us with such joy and amazement as they bring boundless energy and imagination to every bit of art we make together. This time we drew Scooby Doos, big tough gorillas, and silly monkeys too. One little girl even helped us draw a Princess Monkey! Some kids got their caricatures done while others learned character design. We are deeply grateful to our all-guy gang of volunteers that came to draw today: Tim Savage, Marty Macaluso, Joe Vissichelli, Scott Brundage, and our fearless Event Director, Ray Alma, who lead the show. Thank you, beautiful kids and staff of St. Mary’s! We’ll be back again soon!

Mount Sinai 1/16/19

Mount Sinai Hospital 1/16/19

On this month’s live call-in KidZone TV Show at Mount Sinai Hospital, I taught the kids how to draw winter-themed scenes in honor of all the beautiful snow!

I started off with Frosty and Olaf. These two characters helped me demonstrate all kinds of fun aspects of character design: costumes, perspective, and background setting.

Then one of the kids called in, requesting a snow queen, so as I drew, we talked about traditional portrayals of pretty princesses and how we might use new colors, shapes and personalities to reimagine traditional roles.

One girl texted in her own drawing that she was making along with us from her room: it was a fabulous, action packed portrait of a girl, moving in front of other figures. I guess my lessons in perspective and character design got through because she incorporated all of it into one fantastic scene!

After the show, I bumped into two of the art therapists who had been working with kids as they watched our show. They told me how much everybody enjoyed it and so that was the perfect end to a marvelous night. Thanks, kids, for watching and we’ll see you next month! ~Elana Amity, IWF Event Director

Mount Sinai Hospital 12/19/18

Mount Sinai Hospital 12/19/18

Elana and Dennis Dec 2018
We had a spectacular show with the kids at Mount Sinai! The kids are all equipped with art sets in their own rooms and they draw along with us while watching our live call-in drawing show.
Lots of kids texted and called in as we all drew together: one girl requesting a princess from Elana. Dennis suggested drawing a doll princess and the little girl who had texted her request texted again saying, “that’s amazing!” She then helped Elana choose colors for her pretty doll dress. Then Dennis got a request to draw a superhero in a wheelchair which was a blast! And he drew Spider-Man wearing a Santa hat in honor of the new Spider-Man movie. The time flew by so fast, we could have kept on going all day!
Thank you, children and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, to our dear volunteer, Dennis Calero, and beloved Ink Well Event Director, Elana Amity! Happy new year, everybody!!!

Bellevue Hospital 12/15/18

Bellevue Hospital 12/15/18

Bellevue Hospital 12/15/18

We felt privileged to share a quiet morning with the children at Bellevue Hospital. Together we created holiday cards, filled with cartoon characters and images of love and gratitude. At the end, the children got up one by one and described to the group what they had created:

One boy drew “Thank You” out of balloon characters and brilliantly carried the balloon strings to the inside of his card, where a little boy was holding them. There he wrote how much he appreciated a friend who was kind to him. A young girl drew a wintry scene where light struck the snow-covered ground and refracted into letters, spelling “Love” because she said, “when the snow falls and the light hits it just right it feels like love to me.” There were magician Santas, saber-toothed tigers, robot Godzillas, wolves and monkey Santas too.

Each child left with their own holiday gift of a sketch book and drawing set so they could keep creating on their own. And we all left with full hearts and beautiful memories of these brave kids. Thanks to our Ink Well volunteers: Drew Dernavich, Scott Brundage, Ellie Rahim, Barbara Garrison, Elizabeth Winter and a huge welcome back to our dear Jane Archer. Thanks also to the fantastic staff at Bellevue Hospital for always being so professional and helpful in all of our activities.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season with many messages of love to all!

11/11/18 New Alternatives for Children

11/11/18 New Alternatives for Children

New Alternatives for Children 11/11/18

We celebrated Fall to its fullest this week at New Alternatives for Kids, a center for children going through foster care and special medical needs. Leaves became sting rays, rabbits, giraffes, spiders, birds, and beyond. As our ever-creative batch of kids reimagined what a leaf could be, more and more ideas poured out and soon they were making second, third, and fourth projects – and even taking leaves home with their Blick drawing materials so they could keep creating! Everyone was excited to use the secret ingredient – googly eyes – but they got even craftier! One girl, who never leaves home without her own little baggie of craft materials, just so happened to have a cotton ball – perfect for completing her bunny.

Thank you, dear volunteers: Tim Savage, Pedro Delgado, Elana Amity, Scott Brundage and huge gratitude to the one and only Lisa LaBracio, who collected all these beautiful leaves and led this wonderful activity for us all.

New Alternatives for Children provides health and social services to children with disabilities and chronic illnesses.  It focuses on children in foster care and adoptive homes.


10/24/18 Ronald McDonald House of Los Angeles

10/24/18 Ronald McDonald House, L.A.


Our skin crawled with excitement as we and the wonderful the Ronald McDonald House kids had a spooktastic Halloween party in Hollywood! We all drew spooky pictures, made bat puppets, and painted some ferociously good faces.

We are grateful to our beloved volunteers who made all this come about: Jeremy Arambulo, Michael Daedalus Kenny, Christian Lignan, Joseph Scott, Ashley Simpson

The Ronald McDonald House provides a home-like environment for families with critically ill or injured children who must travel to fulfill their healthcare needs.

10/19/18 Gilda’s Club

10/19/18 Gilda’s Club


Gilda’s Club’s annual halloween party was frightfully fun! We face painted Darth Vaders, drew caricatures ghoul-ore, the kids fluttered about with their bat puppets and everyone left with arm fulls of art by the artists behind Ice Age, Marvel Comics, Mad Magazine, TED Ed Animation, Rugrats, The Venture Bros and much more!

Thank you, trusty volunteers who made this night possible: Ray Alma, Joan Chiverton, Barbara Garrison, Lisa LaBracio, Maria Scrivan, Ed Steckley, Elizabeth Winter. And thank you to the beautiful families and staff of GC, who always welcome us so warnly.

Gilda’s Club is open to children who have been diagnosed with cancer, have a parent or loved one who is living with cancer, or are grieving the death of a loved one to cancer.


Mount Sinai 10/17/18

Mount Sinai Hospital 10/17/18


What an honor to welcome the stupendous Peter Kuper of Spy vs. Spy, Mad Magazine, and graphic novel fame to our KidZone TV drawing show at Mount Sinai Hospital! He joined our indomitable host, Elana Amity, on our live, closed-circuit show that gets beamed to all the kids’ rooms at once. The kids are equipped with drawing kits and can call in with questions and comments as we “virtually” draw together.

This time, Elana and Peter drew Halloween-y scenes, including Spy vs. Spy characters that were stuck together by a pumpkin on their heads, a totem pole built by a robot out of cats, birds, and fish, and then they drew a talking tree.

All that great art went straight up to the kids for them to keep. Thank you, everyone, for another fabulous creative night together!  


Wednesday, September 26th: Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital 09/26/18

These two gents. We are so lucky to have them on our Mount Sinai Hospital drawing team. Thank you, Peter de Séve, for bringing your New Yorker cover drawing, Ice Age character designing amazingness to join with the Nickelodeon-Disney-Cartoon Network animating fantasticness that is Pedro Delgado. The kids loved drawing migrating animals with you on our drawing show this week. ❤️And thank you, Elana Amity for being the hostess with the mostest as always. 

Mount Sinai is one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States and it provides continuous activities and programs for the kids in its child-life program.

Bellevue Hospital 08/13/18

Bellevue Hospital 08/13/18

Bellevue Hospital 08/13/18

Tonight we conjured characters out of inanimate objects! The kids made bats and baseballs into brothers; tacos into tap dancers; letters and numbers and candy became a carnival of personality.

These children have faced severe, isolating challenges and are separated from their families as they receive counseling and treatment. It is deeply moving to sense them slowly shift from hesitance and wariness to laughing and playing and creating as we draw together. By the end of the night, one girl who had been very withdrawn in the beginning, ran back into her room to fetch her own artwork and put on her own little exhibit for us. She has definite talent and a signature style we’re calling “manga pointillism.” We hope that she and all these beautiful children keep drawing, keep dreaming and healing and feeling the nurturing connection between us all.

Thank you, wonderful children and staff of Bellevue, for always welcoming us with such warmth and energy, and to our beloved Ink Well volunteers for sharing your time and talent: Ray Alma, Todd Broder, Willy Hartland and Elizabeth Winter.

St. Mary’s Hospital 07/29/18


We cherish our days spent with the St. Mary’s kids. Despite serious challenges, these children always welcome us with open hearts and smiles and wonder.

This time we taught how to draw movement by using elongated poses, action lines and more. These kids have deep creative ability and they showed it as they riffed on Chilly Willy roller skating in the snow, Barney dancing a jig, and roaring dinosaurs, stomping all over the place!

Thank you, kids, for bringing so much beauty to the world. Thank you to our Event Director, Ray Alma, to our volunteers: Dennis CaleroTimothy SavageAdrian C. SinnottJoe VissichelliElizabeth Winter, and a special welcome to new Ink Weller, Willy Hartland of Beavis and Butthead fame! We were also honored to have Dennisia Slabakis join us from Carnival of Love Foundation! We are grateful to the St. Mary’s staff for always making this such a very special experience. Thank you all.


Mount Sinai Hospital 07/18/18

Mount Sinai Hospital 07/18/18

KZTV Inkwell July 2018

We got to draw live, in-studio with patients on our KidZone TV Show at Mount Sinai Hospital today! The kids helped our guest host, Pedro Delgado, and volunteer, Sangjun Chon, put on a show about “juxtaposition.” We drew mice and elephants, rainbows on rainbows, top hats on shapes. For the patients who couldn’t join us in the studio, we got to draw with them over closed-circuit TV. Thanks all for another wonderful show!

Mount Sinai is one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States and it provides continuous activities and programs for the kids in its child-life program.

Gilda’s Club 06/28/18

Gilda’s Club 06/28/18


The kids dove into underwater scenes tonight by first sketching out sea creature characters and backgrounds, then using watercolors to create an underwater wash effect over their drawings.  They did a wonderful job, experimenting with mixed media!

Thank you to the kids and staff of Gilda’s Club and to our Ink Well volunteers: Justin Bilicki, Ellie Rahim, and Event Director, Franz Palomares!

Covenant House of L.A. 06/20/18

Covenant House of L.A. 06/20/18


It was a joy to meet the young adults at Covenant House.  We got to show them how to do stop motion, draw monsters, cartoons, and more.  We appreciate how patient and earnestly engaged everyone was.  That’s what it takes to make good stuff happen!

We are grateful for our volunteers, Jeremy Arambulo,  Steve Hirt, Christian Lignan and to our guest host, Michael Daedalus Kenny, and West Coast Director, Joseph Scott.

Mount Sinai Hospital 06/20/18

Mount Sinai Hospital 06/20/18

unnamed (1).jpg

If you can draw a square, a line, and a circle, then you can draw anything.  Today we showed the kids how to make cartoon characters out of the simplest shapes.

A million thank yous to our dear Pedro Delgado, who stepped up to host the show today. And thank you to the strong kids who imagined and laughed and drew along with us.

New Alternatives for Children 06/14/18

New Alternatives for Children 6/14/18


We were blown away by the New Alternatives for Children kids’ sand paintings! Check out their masterful designs and inventive ways of using real sand to create summer scenes.

Thank you so much to the NAC staff and kids for having us, to our wonderful Event Director, Lisa LaBracio, and to our devoted volunteers: Pedro Delgado, Barbara Garrison, Stefano Imbert, Abby Merrill and Julia Sarcone-Roach.

After the event, we gave each child their own art kit so they can keep on creating.  Go, kids, go!


St. Mary’s Hospital 5/10/18

St. Mary’s Hospital 5/10/18

St. Mary

We feel so fortunate to have come to know and love the kids at St. Mary’s over the years.  Despite dealing with challenges like cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, paralysis, and burns, these children bring boundless joy and creativity to every activity we do together.  Today we helped the kids learn how to draw Disney cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Little Mermaid, Lilo & Stitch, as well as drawing the kids’ caricatures.

Thank you, St. Mary’s staff, for always being so welcoming and professional, thanks to our Ink Well volunteers for just being the best: Howard Beckerman, Pedro Delgado, Tim Savage, Adrian Sinnott, Joe Vissichelli, and a huge shout out to Dennis Calero for leading this entire event!

Camp TLC 5/5/18

Camp TLC 5/5/18

Camp TLC Superhero Self-Portraits!

We loved making super hero self-portraits with the Camp TLC kids! We asked the campers to think of their own strengths and skills, what they’re proud of, and how they’d like to help people. Then the kids transformed wooden and paper figurines into their super-selves! 

Thanks to Camp TLC, the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood, and to our Ink Well volunteers: Jeremy Arambulo, John Dubiel, Chad Frye, Steve Hirt, Nora Meek, Valerie Nielsen, Ashley Simpson, Zane Yarbrough, and W. Coast Director, Joseph Scott. A huge welcome to first timers, John, Steve, Nora, Valerie and Zane! And thanks to Batman for swooping in too 🙂 The Camp TLC serves children who have experienced life or medical trauma.