We are grateful to be made up of some of the most talented artists working in the industry today.  Click on the links below to learn more about our current members.


Ray Alma, Director at St. Mary’s Hospital
Elana Amity, Director at Mount Sinai Hospital
Sergey Aniskov
Michael Arnold
Jane Archer
, Director at Bellevue Hospital
Hillary Barton
Howard Beckerman  
Justin Bilicki
Todd Broder
Steve Brodner
Scott Brundage
John Jay Cabuay
Tom Cardone
Joan Chiverton
Sangjun Chon
Pedro Delgado
Drew Dernavich
Peter de Séve, Board Member
Bil Donovan
Rami Efal, former Board Member, former Director
Fred Fassberger
Barbara Garrison
Tobie Giddio
Dayna Gonzalez
Paul Harmon
Micheline Hess
Henry Hilaire
Stefano Imbert
Lisa LaBracio, Director at New Alternatives for Children
Marty Macaluso
Heather MacDonald, Board Member   
Abby Merrill
Angela Navarra
Franz Palomares, Director at Gilda’s Club NYC
Corey Pandolph
Joyce Pedretti
Ellie Rahim
Tim Savage
Nathan Schreiber
, former Director at New Alternatives for Children
Maria Scrivan
Valerie Seijas
Dan Shefelman
Adrian Sinnott
Ed Steckley
Joe Vissichelli
Elizabeth Winter, Founder, Executive Director, Board Member


Jeremy Arambulo
Matthew Diffee
Marla Frazee
Chad Frye
Frank M. Hansen
Chris Harmon
Adam Henry
Brett Jackson
Michael Kenny
Jeanette Moreno King
Christian Lignan
Max Martinez
Dorothea Schoentag
Joseph Scott, IWF West Coast Director
Dorothea Schoentag
Javier Secaduras
David Shair
Ashley Simpson
Derek Thompson
Monica Tomova
Kataneh Vahdani
Michael Wetterhahn


Enormous thanks to our retired members who’ve moved on or away:
Amber Alvarez
Sal Amendola
Nola Dennett
Roberta Fabiano
Yunmee Kyong
Patrick Merrell
Jeanine Murch
Oded Naaman
Lemwell Navera
Don Orehek 
Dan Piraro

Paolo Rivera
Katherine Roy
Phil Scheuer
Erin Shigaki

Former Board Members:
We are grateful to our former Director at New Alternatives for Children, Nathan Schreiber.  Nathan now lives in Chicago and runs Science Ninjas, which teaches kids about science using comics, animation and games. He invented card game, Valence, to help teach kids about chemistry and illustrated #1 New York Times Bestseller Health Care Reform.  He’s made cartoons for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and FEMA, in addition to completing two artists’ residencies in France.
We’d also like to recognize former board member, Rami Efal, for his dedication and leadership. From 2007-2010, Rami was Director of Events at NY Methodist Hospital and coordinator of all other locations’ events. And after a lot of scribbling in notebooks under a tree with Elizabeth Winter, he is also co-creator of our logo. Thank you for your constant friendship, Rami! We love you.

In Memoriam:
Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 4.15.47 PM.png
It is with a very heavy heart that we say farewell to our dear friend, Nina Frenkel.  Nina volunteered regularly with us since 2009.  In the summer of 2016, she lost her own hard-fought battle with cancer.  Nina was the epitome of grace and giving.  She focused completely on each child she drew with at our events, comforting and empathizing with them on a very personal level.  We love you and will always miss you, Nina.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 4.17.02 PM.png
We were honored to have legendary comic book artist, Stan Goldberg, as an Ink Well member. His brilliant work on Archie, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and many other characters will continue to inspire young artists for all time to come.  Thank you, Stan, for sharing your light and laughter and talent with our kids and for being a dear friend to us all.