The Ink Well is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Our EIN# is 26-3551869



Thank You for Your Support

We are an all-volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit. 100% of your donation goes directly toward providing free arts events and supplies to children facing severe illness and home-life challenges such as abuse and neglect. Every dollar makes a difference and we are grateful for any amount you may be able to give.

All Donors receive recognition on our site for one year from their donation date, a personal letter of thanks, and a tax deductible receipt.

$500+ donors are permanently honored on our website and promotional materials. 

$1000+ donors receive all of the above and also receive invitations to Ink Well parties and other events.


Blick Art Materials 2020
We are honored to be sponsored by Blick Art Materials. They have enabled us to offer a wider range of activities, utilizing the highest quality materials available and to provide each child with their own art sets so they can continue creating on their own.

Amazon Smile and eBay Programs: click the below links before making a purchase at Amazon or eBay and a portion of your purchase will automatically be donated to The Ink Well at no cost to you!

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LEGACY DONOR $10,000-$14,999
The Carnival of Love  (06/2013)
Private Contributor (2011-2020) Annual donor!  We rely heavily on this contribution and are extremely humbled by this individual’s generosity.

ARTISTS CIRCLE $5,000-$9,999

SUSTAINER $1000- $4999
Dick Blick Art Materials (2015-2020) Annual donor!

Peter de Séve (12/2020)
Adrian and Patti Sinnott, made in honor of Andrew Thomas (12/1019)
Victoria Kann
‘s “Pinkalicious” and Crumbs Bake Shop (11/2010)
David and Patricia Paccia Monthly donor since 2014!  Sustaining donors make a huge difference.
Teddy Theodoropoulos and the Coliseum Gym  (10/2009)

BENEFACTOR $500-$999
Todd Broder (05/2017)
Diamond Dogs Bar  through Nick and John Elezovic’s wonderful fundraisers (2015 – 2016)
Victoria Kann (12/2020)

Maria Scrivan (11/2018)
Adrian Sinnott in honor of his mother, Bernadette (12/2017)
Adrian Sinnott in honor of  his brother-in-law, Giris Rabinovitch (12/2020)

PATRON $100-$499
Peggy O’Neill (12/2020)

FRIEND $0-$99  
Lester Chen, in honor of David O’Hagan (07/2020)
James Postier (12/2020)


Peter de Séve
It’s an honor to have renowned illustrator and character designer, Peter de Séve, on our board. It’s also an incredible thrill and hugely generous of him to auction off some of his original art work to support the Ink Well kids! Thank you so much, Peter. You are our knight in shining armor forever.


The Carnival of Love’s wonderful $10,000 gift in 2013 allowed us to both increase the frequency of our events and expand our range to reach more children than in any year previous. The positive effects of this contribution still ripples through to today.

2013-06-22 12.00.41


The Society of Illustrators has not only donated children’s books from their fine roster or professional artist members, they have also provided a space on numerous occasions for us to bring the Ink Well kids and volunteers together for special events like puppet and instrument making parties.  


Legal Counsel: thank you to Gowri Krishna of Urban Justice Center for getting us started at the very beginning and to David Kaye, William McNamara, Nathaniel Browand, and Greg Holland of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy who graciously donated many hours of legal assistance.

Accounting: thank you to Robert Starr for generously supporting us through in-kind accounting services.

Annual Party: we are indebted to the lovely actress and kind soul, Jill Larson, for hosting our annual parties in her home.

Sal Amendola and Dan Piraro, New York Methodist Hospital

Sergei Aniskov, St. Mary’s Hospital