Upcoming Events

Thanks to our resilient kids, volunteers, and partner organizations, we are offering all activities on a remote basis until further notice. 

To RSVP for an event, please email elizabeth@inkwellfoundation.org (members only).


Covenant House of California (*remote activity*)

We are now on a regular Zoom schedule with this group of young adults who are healing from homelessness within the sanctuary of the Covenant House. We remotely connect them with pro artists for discussions about building careers and portfolios in the arts, learning how to express yourself through creativity, and other related topics.

New Alternatives for Children (*remote activity*)

We’re whiteboard ad libbing: the kids will each describe one component of a story: the setting, the hero, the sidekick, the villain, the challenge, and the reward, and we’ll draw it on the fly. Then we’ll turn the tables and have them do the same with us pitching story ideas to them!Event Director at New AlternativesLisa LaBracio

New Alternatives for Children provides health and social services to children with disabilities and chronic illnesses.  It focuses on children in foster care and adoptive homes. 

Bellevue Hospital (*remote activity*)

At this event, Jane Archer will lead the children in a meditation about “our best selves” then we’ll help them draw their own proud portraits.

IWF Director at Bellevue Hospital= Jane Archer

Gilda’s Club is open to children who have been diagnosed with cancer, have a parent or loved one who is living with cancer, or are grieving the death of a loved one to cancer.

Mount Sinai Hospital

Our live drawing show has gone online! Elana Amity and Pedro Delgado are recording lessons and we’re posting them for all to enjoy here:

This ongoing art-by-mail program is offered to any child who is dealing with a particularly challenging illness and is not physically able to come to our events.  Get more information on our Pen Pals Program here.

*You must be a registered IWF member to attend any event and RSVP is always required.

*Please arrive 5-10 minutes early, late arrivals may not be able to get into some locations.

*Spots are often limited so please RSVP early.